Assisted Hosting

With assisted hosting, we do it ALL for you!

If you aren't a web designer and/or don't feel the least bit technical yet you want a web site, Assisted hosting is for you.  You don't even have figure out how to signup online and decide what you want. Simply give us a call and we will be more than happy  to discuss your needs and come up with a solution for you. We will even do the signup process for you! Our number is (503) 610-8747.  We can help you choose a domain name, get your email working using your domain name, and even create a web site for you.  The cost of developing your website is extra and not included in the Assisted Hosting plan.

Even if you are a web design guru, you can still appreciate Assisted hosting. We still give you full control of your web site,  via the Plesk control panel. It will allow you to manage your own DNS, create your own email boxes, control your own spam filters,  manage your own mailing lists, and much more. Click here to view our hosting plans and signup.

If you don't know what a control panel is or would rather just make a phone call or email us when you want something done with your account,  we will be happy do it for you or show you how. Contact Us

Ordering Assisted Hosting Online

ALL of our hosting plans have an option for Assisted Hosting. When you signup for a hosting plan, you will have a chance to add Assisted Hosting for only $12 per month.

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