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Email @ Your Domain

All of our Domain Hosting accounts come with email boxes.

Why have your email at any domain but your own. Just ask the people that had email addresses Its no fun being forced to change your email address after having it for years!

With your email at your own domain, you are in control of your email address and nobody can ever change it but you. Even when you change providers you get to keep the same email address. It is portable, take it with you anywhere.

It just looks more professional having an email address @yourdomain than it does at your ISP's domain or free services like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, and others.


Current Customers access your webmail here...

Webmail is great when your away from your computer and on a friends computer or as your primary email program.

At Home or On The Go

With Delta Technical Services you won't have problems accessing your emails again. This free feature provides you with the best solutions to  keep track with all of your emails on any computer or mobile device, anytime and anywhere!

POP3, IMAP, and Web Mail. Access your mail with any email program such as eM Client, Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, or any other email  program at the home or office, then while on the road, access your email with your smart phone, tablet, or any web browser.

Our RoundCube Webmail is a very high quality easy to use webmail application. It does not feel like webmail, it feels more like a standard desktop email program.

Spam Free Email

Powerful! anti-spam tools protect you from junk mail by filtering emails automatically.

And our anti-virus tool scans all your incoming and outgoing emails and file attachments using ClamAV's superior anti-virus scan engine.